Henry Mark

カナダ国トロント市の在住のモダンアート画家のHenry Markさんオリジナリティ溢れるペイント作品の数々。なかでも二つの構成要素からなる作品は、補完性と対称性のイメージを膨らませます。






About the Artist

I like to make pictures.

In my paintings, it is about design. It is what shapes and forms and creates the painting's identity. Sometimes that design can be divided into two parts. The resulting images can be complementary or contrasting. I like the tension that it can create, an order vs chaos-like division, but one that is always balanced and whole. I like trying to achieve that balance and wholeness.

I also use text, as I feel words can say as much as a line or shape. My collages and mixed media works also reflect my inclination towards design. Well composed, often textural, together with an innate colour sense, I again try for a balanced and natural calm. I like the tactile feel of air dried clay, as I form and carve out each work, trying to evoke its own organic nature.

My works are an expression of how I want to perceive and see life, balanced and whole.